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Marvel Comics Archive [Cable]
Nathan Christopher Charles Summers

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Marvel Comics Archive [Daredevil #267]
Daredevil #267

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Marvel Comics Archive [Shriek #138]
Shriek #138

Welcome to the Marvel Comics Archive

The Marvel Comics Archive is a comprehensive reference guide to the Marvel Universe. This site is dedicated to the Marvel Universe and the many characters therein. Included are Marvel comics, Marvel characters, story-arcs within Marvel, a Timeline of Marvel, Marvel trading cards, Marvel video including movies and TV series and various games of Marvel. Please take your time and enjoy all the site has to offer. Since the Marvel Universe is a never-ending story, this site will constantly be updating. Thanks again for taking the time to look and we hope you enjoy.

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Marvel Comics Archive Site Overview

The first section of this site is mainly a listing of characters throughout the Marvel Universe and their appearance in the various Marvel comics. Information available about the character can be viewed under each characters page. Such as the characters real name, first appearance and any other identities they have gone by. Also you can view the characters first appearance in a Marvel comic, along with images from each individual issue.

The next section of the site is the comics of the Marvel Universe. Listed in alphabetical order based on title published in the footnotes of each comic book. Under each title will be all of the issues in the series, limited series or one-shot. To find information on a particular issue, just simply click the issue number and you will be able to view the title of the comic, publishing date, references to other comic books, additional cover art and characters associated with the individual issue. Also included under comics are Story-Arcs and the Timeline. Story-Arcs are series that run more than one issue and possible between a variety of different titles. Listed in alphabetical order, the arcs will provide information on which titles the particular arc ran through. The timeline is setup to view all the titles and issues that were published during a specific year, sorted by month.

Next is the Marvel trading cards. This section lists all of Marvel's trading card series in alphabetical order. Clicking on a series will bring up all of the cards in that series, including any special or chase cards. From there you can click on an idividual card to view its information such as the picture and all the details on the back. Also you will be able to view all of a characters cards or if a particular card is part of a larger picture, you will be able to view the whole image.

The next section is compromised of video related to the Marvel Universe. Included are Movies, animated films, TV series and animated shows. Movies and animated films are listed alphabetically by title and will summarize the story and the characters. The TV series and animated shows are also listed alphabetically by title. You can view episode guides and all of the characters featured.

Lastly are the games related to Marvel Comics. Categorized by game type, such as, board games, video games, card games and even interactive DVD games.